SCCM 2012 Collection based on Software Update Deployment Compliance

Let’s say you want to target a clients that are compliant with some post-update tasks. It can be challenging since the software update WMI classes are not exposed to the query builder.
The key unexposed class is: SMS_SUMDeploymentAssetDetails, which is new to 2012.
I had to limit my query to some collections but simply put IsCompliant = 0 or 1 depending on your purpose. I’m assuming the summarization task has to run as well for this to update. If that is the case just run Invoke-CMSoftwareUpdateSummarization in PowerShell in order to get up to date info.
  SMS_SUMDeploymentAssetDetails.CollectionID in (‘XXX0000E’,’XXX0000F’) AND SMS_SUMDeploymentAssetDetails.IsCompliant = 0
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Day-5 #TE14D5 is less than two weeks away!

 As you might know, TechEd North America is just around the corner. It’s going to be a great event! How can we make a great event even better? By inviting Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals from all over the world to present complementary sessions on Day-5, May 16th.

HASMUG and I are working with Maarten Goet and Cameron Fuller (System Center MVP’s) to organize a 2-track learning event the day directly after TechEd ends. We will have 12 System Center, Azure, and Hyper-V MVP speakers along with Microsoft product group staff presenting on great deep dive sessions.

We have 10+ sessions scheduled along with interactive breaks and a community mixer all at George R. Brown, the same venue as TechEd!

Rock Star Lineup: Wally Mead, Michael Niehaus, Johan Arwidmark, Jason Sandys, Hans Vredevoort, Marc van Eijk, Pete Zerger, Damian Flynn, Robert Hedblom, Marcel Zehner, Chris Ross, Cameron Fuller, and Maarten Goet.

If you would like more information or if you would like to support the event please visit the HASMUG site.

Sessions are currently published on Twitter.

Space is limited, register today:


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System Center News & Updates – 2014 M1

“System Center News & Updates” is apart of an annual 4 part series of anything new & noteworthy in the System Center world. We publish it at the end of every HASMUG (Houston Area Systems Management User Group meeting). The publication has two placeholders: (ECM) Enterprise Client Management, and (CDM) Cloud and Datacenter Management. We hope it is useful and informative for the global System Center community.

The link to the slides is here:

HASMUG Post (HTML format):


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Concerned about the merging of MMS with TechEd? Post your comments on Cameron Fuller’s blog!

Are you an MMS original? Concerned about the merger of MMS and TechEd? You have someone that can champion your thoughts to the upper echelons of Microsoft’s System Center product groups, give your feedback on Cameron Fuller’s blog.

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Count of instances of specific software registered with Add or Remove Programs‏ – Wrong counts SCCM 2012

The problem with the query is that there can be multiple ProdID’s for the same DisplayName0, Publisher0, Version0 returned. So it counts them all, skewing the expected result. I fixed this by changing Count(ProdID0) to Count(Distinct arp.ResourceID) in the dataset…

SELECT DisplayName0, COUNT(DISTINCT arp.ResourceID) AS 'Count', Publisher0, Version0, @CollID AS CollectionID 
FROM fn_rbac_Add_Remove_Programs(@UserSIDs)  arp 
JOIN fn_rbac_FullCollectionMembership(@UserSIDs)  fcm ON arp.ResourceID=fcm.ResourceID 
WHERE ((Publisher0 LIKE @softwarenamefilter) OR (DisplayName0 LIKE @softwarenamefilter) ) 
AND fcm.CollectionID=@CollID 
GROUP BY DisplayName0, Publisher0, Version0  
ORDER BY Publisher0, Version0
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System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM): Prevent automatic upgrade on deployment to device collection

UPDATE 10/15/2013: Microsoft changed the connect bug I filed a few months back from closed to active. Guess there was a change of heart? 🙂

UPDATE 10/14/2013: Rusty Ratliff, a member of our user group (HASMUG) has brought to my attention this also affects task sequences that reference an application that supersedes a discovered application.

I use ConfigMgr to also manage server environments. I ran into an issue where I was trying to supersede an application and test the deployment however I cannot remove the “Automatically upgrade any superseded versions of this application” option during deployment. I am targeting servers (devices) and not users in this scenario. I want to test and manage the app upgrade without it being forced and still be able to take full advantage of the app model.

The only work-around I found thus far was to create the deployment prior to adding superseded applicaiton(s) to the deployed application. I’m assuming we should be able to create a deployment using PowerShell or the ConfigMgr 2012 SDK without forcing superseded applications to be upgraded as another workaround but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll update this post when I have any other confirmed workarounds. In the mean time please vote up the feedback I’ve posted on Microsoft Connect for this issue:

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System Center 2012 R2 Preview Highlights

This was announced at TechEd 2013 yesterday and they are anticipating a release by the end of the year. This release will be the successor to System Center 2012 SP1.

System Center 2012 R2 Preview:

White Paper:

System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager:

System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Highlights:

  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Maintenance Windows exclusively for Software Updates
  • UI Improvements
  • Automatic Deployment Rules (ADR) improvements for software updates
  • Clearer summary messages
  • Enhanced DP data usage reports
  • Creation, modification and offline servicing of VHDs and the uploading of VHDs to System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager Highlights:

  • Availability and performance metrics across storage, network, and compute for the datacenter administrator
  • New dashboard includes health metrics on a variety of resources, such as load balancers, IIS pools, storage LUNs, hosts, storage pools, file servers, VMs, VMM servers and host clusters.
  • System Center Advisor (Best practice workload configuration) accessibility in the Operations Manager console
  • Hybrid view of on-premise and cloud hosted components
  • Code level issue traceability – for .NET and Java applications
  • Java APM (Application Performance Monitoring) including Java Tomcat and other Java web services
  • Unified monitoring agent between System Center and Visual Studio to further simplify issue debugging and collaboration.

Windows Server 2012 R2: &

Windows 8.1:

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Configuration Manager 2012: SQL XPATH Query for Deployment Type

Below is an example of how to write a SQL XPATH query to extract details from a deployment type CI contained in an XML data type. In this query we are returning columns for deployment type Title, SDMPackageDigets (XML), Technology (MSI, Script, etc.), Content Location, and Install and Uninstall strings. I basically found an example in this link and added Install and Uninstall columns.


    SDMPackageDigest.value('declare namespace p1=""; 
    (p1:AppMgmtDigest/p1:DeploymentType/p1:Title)[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') AS DTTitle,
    SDMPackageDigest.value('declare namespace p1=""; 
    (p1:AppMgmtDigest/p1:DeploymentType/p1:[email protected])[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') AS DTTechnology,
    SDMPackageDigest.value('declare namespace p1=""; 
    (p1:AppMgmtDigest/p1:DeploymentType/p1:Installer/p1:Contents/p1:Content/p1:Location)[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') AS DTContentLocation,       
    SDMPackageDigest.value('declare namespace p1=""; 
    (p1:AppMgmtDigest/p1:DeploymentType/p1:Installer/p1:InstallAction/p1:Args/p1:Arg)[1]', 'nvarchar(MAX)') AS Install,
    SDMPackageDigest.value('declare namespace p1=""; 
    (p1:AppMgmtDigest/p1:DeploymentType/p1:Installer/p1:UninstallAction/p1:Args/p1:Arg)[1]', 'nvarchar(MAX)') AS Uninstall
	CIType_ID = 21 -- DeploymentType CI's
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Configuration Manager 2012: Query for the Application Owners and Support Contacts

Below is an example of how to formulate a SQL query to obtain the “first” app owner and support contact on an Application.


SDMPackageDigest.value('(/AppMgmtDigest/Application/Title)[1]', 'nvarchar(MAX)') [Title],
SDMPackageDigest.value('([email protected])[1]', 'nvarchar(MAX)') [Owners],
SDMPackageDigest.value('([email protected])[1]', 'nvarchar(MAX)') [Support Contact]
FROM  CI_ConfigurationItems
CIType_ID = 10
AND IsLatest = 1
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Add Adobe Acrobat XI and Reader XI catalogs to SCUP 2011

Adobe Acrobat XI (11):


AdobeReader XI (11):


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