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Apple Time Capsule – Backup your mac wirelessly

(500GB) The Apple Time Capsule is a piece of hardware that looks similar to the Apple Airport although entirely different function. This wireless networking hardware can automatically backup every Mac of an average home and integrates with Mac OS X Leopard’s Time Machine software. The price is not that bad either considering the capacity and […]

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Alienware 2880×900 DLP monitor

Gizmodo published an article today for Alienware’s prototype 2880×900 monitor that was introduced at CES 2008. This monitor utilizes a DLP projector lit by LED’s and boasts a estimated 0.2ms response time, which should make this an excellent gaming monitor. Alienware demoed the display with a relatively new shooter from EA dubbed Crysis. This beast […]

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Turn your iPod Touch into a iPhone!

Jealous of your colleagues’ iPhone? For a fraction of the cost you can have one too! (well a VoIPhone at least). By modifying a $37 (est.) part and installing some software enables you to talk on your iPod Touch! This $37 part is a microphone piece and heck your iPod already has speakers, so you […]

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