Apple Time Capsule – Backup your mac wirelessly

(500GB) The Apple Time Capsule is a piece of hardware that looks similar to the Apple Airport although entirely different function. This wireless networking hardware can automatically backup every Mac of an average home and integrates with Mac OS X Leopard’s Time Machine software. The price is not that bad either considering the capacity and functionality. Through MacMall it is $294 for the 500GB model and $494 for the 1TB model.

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Apple Time Capsule 500GB

The Time Capsule sports a 500GB drive as standard and the upper scale model supports 1TB of backup storage. It supports the latest wireless draft 802.11n with wireless transfer speeds of 248 Mbit/s, which is faster than traditional 10/100 Mbit wired networks.

Additional Time Capsule features include:
• dual-band antennas for 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies;
• three Gigabit LAN ports;
• one Gigabit Ethernet WAN port;
• one USB 2.0 port;
• Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA-2), 128-bit WEP encryption; and
• a built-in NAT firewall supporting NAT-PMP for features like Back to My Mac.

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