Phpbb3 Sitemap code update for Google Sitemap 0.9

I changed some code for google-sitemap.php to work with one of my phpbb3 sites that doesn’t put phpbb3 in the root of the website, although this will work universally if you properly define $domain_root and $phpbb_root_path variables, respectively. This php script was originally done by Tobi Schäfer at

Here is the changelog:
* @version V0.1.1-S – By Stephen
* @2008-07-22 20:38:18 – * Modified code for use if phpbb3 directory is not in root of website
* * Fixed XML Sitemap validation for Sitemap 0.9
* (please refer to

You can get the code here -> Phpbb3 Google Sitemap Generator. This is quick and dirty if you are looking for something more in-depth I would recommend PhpBB SEO.

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