Managing the mail queue for forums and blogs

I administrate several forum and blog sites and was in need of a quick and reliable method to monitor and manage the mail queue. My desire was to implement a system that would keep me up to date on the status of my server’s mail queue via a daily cron job. This is something that can easily be forgotten about if one is as busy as I am and this very simple script lets me know if I have any e-mails jammed up in the local mail queue.

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Feel free to change the variables to your liking and add it to your daily or weekly cron job.
———————————START COPY———————————

from=”[email protected]
to=”[email protected]
subject=”Mail Queue Status”

echo “to: ” $to>$file
echo “subject: “>>$file
echo “from: ” $from>>$file
echo “”>>$file

/usr/sbin/sendmail -t <$file
———————————END COPY———————————

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