Migrate your desktops with Archive IQ

We are in the process of consolidating three active directory forests into one and a large part of this tedious task is migrating desktops into the new domain as well. To lower the risk of data loss we were sure to backup ALL client machines before migrating them. I was concerned about the enormous amount of valuable disk space on our SAN that was being consumed by the myriad of ghost images and NTBackups. Naturally I’m thinking that there must be a more efficient and less time consuming method to accomplish this effort.

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As I mentioned in a previous article I am in the process of evaluating Archive IQ to back up the data on our servers. Suddenly the lightbulb lit up! Why not utilize Archive IQ’s data deduplication technology to help streamline our migration process? This is exactly what we did which not only significantly cut the migration time itself but freed up a tremendous amout of disk space and as a added bonus, I was able to meet my deadlines with this project which always makes the big wigs happy.

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