Automatically uninstall Altiris Agent on ESX and Linux

I’ve recently configured a HP Rapid Deployment (RDP) script to automate the deployment of VMWare ESX to our HP servers. However I did not want to leave the Altiris client on the server after the installation was complete in order to avoid any mistakes (like wiping out the server) after it went into production. Here is how you automate the uninstall of the Altiris agent…

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1) On your RDP server go to C:\Program Files\HP\RDP\Deployment Server\lib\osconfig\(your ESX install)
2) Edit default.cfg
3) After #%vmlicense_text add %post (this is used for post install commands)
4) create a new line
5) /usr/bin/yes | /opt/altiris/deployment/adlagent/bin/uninstall

This is all theory and I have not actually tested it yet but I will update this post after testing. I did run “/usr/bin/yes | /opt/altiris/deployment/adlagent/bin/uninstall” successfully from the shell (without the quotes of course).

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