How to deploy SCOM Operations Console to Clients

It was a tough find but after much digging I came across the command to run for a silent install of the Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 Operations Console.

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1) First you want to have the installation source copied up on a server, preferably your Root Management Servers (RMS).
2) Share out the INSTALLSOURCE\Server directory, I called my share “SCOM2007_setup”. NOTE: there is a 64-bit install (AMD64) and a 32-bit install (i386).
3) Either run these from command line for a manual silent install or provide them to your packager so they can package it, depending on your company’s or client’s policies. NOTE: you can change the /qn switch to provide a more verbose output. See Microsoft KB 314881.


%WinDir%\System32\msiexec.exe /i \\RMSSERVER01\SCOM2007_setup\AMD64\MOM.msi /qn /l*v %Temp%\MOMUI_install.log ADDLOCAL=MOMUI ROOT_MANAGEMENT_SERVER_DNS=RMSSERVER01.domain.pvt


%WinDir%\System32\msiexec.exe /i \\RMSSERVER01\SCOM2007_setup\i386\MOM.msi /qn /l*v %Temp%\MOMUI_install.log ADDLOCAL=MOMUI ROOT_MANAGEMENT_SERVER_DNS=RMSSERVER01.domain.pvt

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