IOS upgrade on Cisco routers causes RightFax to stop working

After many hours wasted troubleshooting RightFax because everyone was thinking it was at fault, we had to prove that something changed on the network end that hosed up RightFax. RightFax has been running for 2 years with “0” issues. So it turns out our network engineers decided to upgrade the IOS (version 12.4.24T2) on their voice routers last week, which hosed up all fax communications when using RightFax. They said it changed the way the t.38 protocol talks between the voice routers. After they opened a support case with Cisco TAC they suggested inputting the following commands on the voice routers and it solved the issue for us. I don’t recall rebooting RightFax after the fix was put in place….

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no mgcp t38 inhibit

mgcp package-capability fxr-package

mgcp default-package fxr-package

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