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iPhone iOS 4 Keeps Saying Password Expired

For those that have iPhones and want to upgrade to iOS 4 and are using the a profile find solution below…. Tweet

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Apple to unleash cutting edge technology

Over at the Bits NY Times blog they have some interesting details on what Apple has up their sleeve. If I had the cash I’d be buying Apple’s stock. I see a higher trend of Apple product usage in the corporate market, especially with the new iPhone 2.0 software… Tweet

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Apple Time Capsule – Backup your mac wirelessly

(500GB) The Apple Time Capsule is a piece of hardware that looks similar to the Apple Airport although entirely different function. This wireless networking hardware can automatically backup every Mac of an average home and integrates with Mac OS X Leopard’s Time Machine software. The price is not that bad either considering the capacity and […]

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Turn your iPod Touch into a iPhone!

Jealous of your colleagues’ iPhone? For a fraction of the cost you can have one too! (well a VoIPhone at least). By modifying a $37 (est.) part and installing some software enables you to talk on your iPod Touch! This $37 part is a microphone piece and heck your iPod already has speakers, so you […]

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D-Link Wireless Router + Macbook = Not working

My wireless airport extreme client on my Macbook Pro keeps dropping connection to my D-Link DGL and my ZyXEL P-334WT. I’m using WPA-PSK TKIP encryption on the wireless 802.11g protocol. Yes, I have tried two separate wireless routers to no avail! So I finally broke down and called Apple support today. I thought, “Might as […]

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