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Move all your Windows 8 Hyper-V VM’s to SSD with PowerShell

I built a lab on my Windows 8 laptop consisting of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Configuration Manager, a DC, SQL, and SharePoint. Although it runs so-so on my 7200RPM hard drive I decided to join the club and finally get an SSD for a secondary drive. After months of research I ended […]

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Beta Private Cloud exams from MMS not showing on MCP transcript

A few month ago I came across Kevin Holman’s blog post on checking the status of the Private Cloud beta exams I took at MMS (71-246 Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012 & 71-247 Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center 2012) and to my excitement I passed both […]

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Report on SCOM Alert Notification Subscriptions

Trouble tracking down alert notifications? A good word of advice is to be sure to include the notification subscription ID in your alert channel, such as follows… Alert: Logon Failures – Multiple failures by same User on single Machine Severity: 2 Source: ADS04.Domain.pvt Path: ADS04.Domain.pvt Last modified by: System Last modified time: 9/22/2011 11:47:49 AM […]

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Enable Windows Authentication for Live Maps on a non-RMS Server

I’ve wanted to move my Live Maps installation off of my SCOM 2007 R2 RMS for some time now. But until recently I was under the impression that it was not possible to do this with Windows based authentication enabled in Live Maps. I attended MMS 2011 and stopped by the Savision booth in the […]

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Mass reboot servers and workstations with PowerShell

We’ve got a bunch of servers stuck in pending reboot state due to SCCM updates. There is no way I’m rebooting 50 servers manually! PowerShell to the rescue! Tweet

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Resetting Logical Disk Fragmentation Monitor via PowerShell

I’ve been goog..errr bing’ing trying to look for a solution and most everyone points to the GreenMachine. Although a great and powerful tool that I have used on occasion, for some reason it does not filter for monitors in “Warning” only state and I cannot filter by monitor. In this case I will be resetting […]

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xperf: error: NT Kernel Logger: Cannot create a file when that file already exists

My % Interrupt Time on one of my servers was exceeding 10%, yielding a SCOM alert. I went to dive in deeper and discovered it is a driver or hardware issue. To determine what driver might be causing the large amounts of interrupts I had to result to a tool called xperf, which is apart […]

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OperationsManager Database Connectivity Issues After Migration

I was tasked with migration an OperationsManager database off to another SQL server on an SQL Instance other than the default “SQLSERVER” instance. I following the TechNet article to perform the migration but was receiving various database connectivity errors in the Operations Manager log on my RMS. Examples of errors occurring for me are below: […]

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PowerShell Script To Restart Service And Dependents

Some of my Windows 2008 R2 servers have been reaching over our 80% committed memory threshold more often than preferred. There is a hotfix out as noted on Kevin Holman’s OpsMgr Blog – , however the server admins have not tested and deployed the hotfix yet so in the mean time I needed an […]

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How to deploy SCOM Operations Console to Clients

It was a tough find but after much digging I came across the command to run for a silent install of the Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 Operations Console. Tweet

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