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Disaster recovery restore with Archive IQ

Of course you have all of your valuable data safely backed up just in case the inevitable happens, that’s just good practice. When disaster does indeed strike you are faced with having to restore this vital data and get things back up and running asap. You can try booting your dead-in-the-water system with a handy […]

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Migrate your desktops with Archive IQ

We are in the process of consolidating three active directory forests into one and a large part of this tedious task is migrating desktops into the new domain as well. To lower the risk of data loss we were sure to backup ALL client machines before migrating them. I was concerned about the enormous amount […]

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Archive IQ Backup System First Impressions

Large companies merging together and having various data backup system utilizations can equal one major headache for those tasked with weaving the mess into something viable. Some how I knew I had just stepped in it when the deal was finalized. Literally. Virtually overnight our company nearly doubled in size and I was staring right […]

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