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Automatically uninstall Altiris Agent on ESX and Linux

I’ve recently configured a HP Rapid Deployment (RDP) script to automate the deployment of VMWare ESX to our HP servers. However I did not want to leave the Altiris client on the server after the installation was complete in order to avoid any mistakes (like wiping out the server) after it went into production. Here […]

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Debian apt-get upgrade fails for package linux-image-2.6.18-5-686

Was working on a Linux server today in the datacenter that we use for monitoring our Cisco gear and decided to upgrade all the Debian packages. I came across the following error and was able to resolve the issue. Searching for GRUB installation directory … found: /boot/grub Searching for default file … found: /boot/grub/default Testing […]

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Managing the mail queue for forums and blogs

I administrate several forum and blog sites and was in need of a quick and reliable method to monitor and manage the mail queue. My desire was to implement a system that would keep me up to date on the status of my server’s mail queue via a daily cron job. This is something that […]

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