Turn your iPod Touch into a iPhone!

Jealous of your colleagues’ iPhone? For a fraction of the cost you can have one too! (well a VoIPhone at least). By modifying a $37 (est.) part and installing some software enables you to talk on your iPod Touch! This $37 part is a microphone piece and heck your iPod already has speakers, so you are set.

The most trivial task is obtaining the software as it is currently in the testing phase and should be released in a more stable form any day. Fortunately I have a link for the test version. The other trivial task is soldering might be new to you as well. If you haven’t soldered before it’s really easy. Just make sure you practice with some old circuit boards you may have laying around before going at it on this mic.

Please be warned that tampering with your iPod using instructions referenced in this website will void your warranty. This website and it’s authors are in no way responsible for any damages incurred from modifying your iPod, proceed at your own risk!

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There is a video out showing the VoIP call in action. In case you don’t know VoIP, it’s a protocol that allows you to make a phone call over the Internet, which many use for cost savings. The iPod touch has Wi-Fi giving it Internet access so once you have the mic and custom software installed you can start making calls.

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Update-1: There is also a post out there to turn your iPod Touch and iPhone into a 3G phone here: http://www.pyrofersprojects.com/3gipod/3gipod.html.

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